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About The Therapist


BEd (Psychology major): University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

MA Psychoanalytic Studies: Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, U.K.

ABC (Level 4) PG Diploma in the Theory and Practise of Counselling:

Exeter College, Exeter, U.K.

B-EAT (Eating Disorders National Charity) - Group Facilitator
Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Mindfulness Training Ltd., London

Intermediate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) -  Mindfulness Training Ltd., London

Advanced workshops with Russ Harris, Kelly Wilson, Steven Hayes, David Gillanders,Roby Walser, Kevin Palk, Kirk Strosahl & Patricia Robinson

New Maudsley Method, Empowering Families Coach

Personal Statement

I began training as a Psychoanalyst and entered into my own analysis for many years, which I found useful and insightful.  However, I became increasingly disillusioned with Psychoanalysis, as I felt it was too long term and financially inaccessible for most people.  I went on to train in Person-Centred Counselling, and have practised as a person-centred counsellor for several years.  More recently, I was introduced to Mindfulness based therapies; in particular ACT, in which I completed relevant training, and have been integrating them into my practise with a good deal of success.   

Although I am passionate about ACT and have been witness to some excellent outcomes,  I am still informed by my humanistic training and believe in the healing power of the genuine person-to-person relationship. ACT honours the values of person-centred therapies, whilst integrating the insights and practices of ‘mindfulness and acceptance’ traditions. What is important to me is to provide all of my clients with evidence-based treatment and to work with what works for each individual.


My work experience spans the government sector, including In Touch Youth Counselling service in Exeter; the Student counselling Service at the University of Exeter; the voluntary sector, as a B-eat facilitator/Empowering families coach for parents/carers of people with eating disorders; as well as many years in the education sector as a teacher and student mentor.  This has equipped me with a strong understanding of mental health care needs across a range of populations.

Professional Membership

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